This is just a little brag page for our fine site. Here you will find all the Internet Awards that we have garnered.

Golden Web Award

The Golden Web Award is based on Design, Content and Originality.

FAT BASS Site Award

The Fat Bass Site Award is presented for excellence in fishyness.

It's Too Cool Award from

The Kartoon Factory's It's too Cool! award is presented for website mastery.

Golden Globe Web Award

The PSP Golden Globe Web Award is presented to outstanding web sites that rise above the rest in content, design and usability
Critical Mass Award

Congratulations!!......Your site definitely qualifies for the "Critical Mass Award". A very nice site, good design, clever original graphics, and your content is informative, entertaining, presented well and easy to access. A worthy enterprise and a positive contribution to the Web.

Thanks for helping make the Web a more interesting, fun and attractive place to visit. I really enjoyed my visit to your site and will return again when time permits :)

Web Designers Page and Content Award

The Web Designer's Award is presented for Design, content and presentation.

Top Rod Site Award

Fishing with Shelley & Courtney present theTop Rod Site Award to sites they think are the best Fishing Sites on the Web.  The awards are presented by the TV Fishing Show.