Sponsor Banners

What is a banner ad?

A banner ad is what you see at the very top of this page. It is an ad graphic that links to your page (or Ad on Laketawakoni.com) giving you the most exposure on the website, and increasing your exposure to potential customers.

What does it cost?

Banner ads that are placed in our banner rotation have a new, low, easy to afford cost! Simple to figure out and easy on the pocket book. Your ad can be 463x60, 234x60 or 120x90 or a combination of all three.

1. A rotation banner (468x60) on the top of the front page sells for $500/quarter. 2. A rotation banner (468x60) at the top of second tier page (main page of a sub-category) sells for $300/quarter. 3. Random rotation banner ads cost:
  • 1000 impressions for $50.00
  • 2000 impressions for $90.00
  • 3000 impressions for $120.00
  • Best Deal 4500 impressions for $175.00
4. As an added bonus, if you choose to sponsor a page (top of page ad) your banner also goes into the random banner rotation with no additional billing for impressions.

What should my banner look like?

Your banner can look like anything you want it to. We just have three (3) little rules:

1. It must be a JPEG or GIF file that is
  • 468w x 60h for a full size banner
  • 234w x 60h for a inline banner
  • 120w x 90h for a box banner.
2. It can be no larger than 35KB.
3. It must be honest and in good taste.

We reserve the right to refuse to publish any banner for any reason. We will gladly refund your money and/or return your check if we do not publish your banner.

What if I can't send my artwork in GIF format, or I don't have a banner?

We will gladly resize your artwork, and/or put it in the correct format for you. If you would like us to design a banner for you we will gladly do so. The cost for a simple banner that is not animated is $40.00. The price for an animated banner is $100.00.

I don't have a banner! What can you do for me?

If you don't have a banner we can design a banner for you from scratch.  The cost of designing a banner for your business is billed at $70.00 per hour.  Simple banners can be created in as little as 1 hour.  We will gladly discuss your needs with you and provide a firm quote on any graphics project before it is started.

Order Form

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Now that you have a banner ad you should have a Premium Listing or you might even consider one or more full pages of advertising on LakeTawakoni.com, that's right, putting up a Full Web Page to get your message out!