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Lake Tawakoni Online Classified Ads

Lake Tawakoni Online Classified Ads

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Things You Should Know Before Getting Started

  1. You Must Register with a valid email address and valid contact information to Post or Reply to Ads (email address and contact info will not be distributed).
  2. Basic Classified Ads are still FREE to post!
  3. Anything other than a Basic Ad has fees associated with it. This includes posting pictures (yes, you can now upload pictures) and posting your ad as a featured ad.
  4. When you register for the Classifieds you receive a $20 credit to use on as many ads as you like until it is gone (the $20 that is).
  5. If you refer a friend to the Classifieds and they register as a user (and give your user name/handle when they do) you will receive an additional $10 credit to your account!
  6. You can add your own banner to the banner rotation on the Classifieds for a minimal charge (that comes out of your account)!
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Step 3 - After receiving temporary password.
You may log-in to our Change User Information area and change the password to something easier to remember.

That's it! You're ready to begin posting classified ads. Thank you for using our site and Good Luck!

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