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Message started by CptJack on Mar 28th, 2009, 9:09am

Title: Looking for a place to hog hunt.
Post by CptJack on Mar 28th, 2009, 9:09am

I am looking for somewhere around to hog hunt. Private property.
If anyone has a place that this might be possible or anyone has a tip to throw my way I would appreciate it.
I am 57. Have hunted since my youth both with gun and bow.
I was raised on a half and half family farm. Half cattle, half crop land.
I will respect your property and will not be a threat of any kind to livestock. I have to be 100% percent sure of my target and shot direction or I will pass on the shot.
No litter or disruption, damage, etc to fences or gates.
I am more than willing to help out with chores that I can handle on the property in return.

Title: Re: Looking for a place to hog hunt.
Post by CptJack on Aug 16th, 2009, 6:25pm

The response has been overwhelming. LOL
It`s really sort of comical. Nearly everywhere you go you will hear the horror stories of how the feral hogs are such a threat around here. The farmers complain about them tearing up and destroying their crops. The cattlemen complain about the hay fields getting churned up and the damage to hay equipment when they run into the digs and wallows. ( I can relate to that. Had some experience with that myself) Heck we even made it to the big time on TV with the episode on MonsterQuest about the giant, wild hogs and the danger they were. :) can casually ask about hunting some of them and maybe helping landowners out with their hog problems and all of a sudden people can`t look you in the eye. They start staring at the floor or off into space and start shuffling their feet and getting fidgety. ;)
I have coined a phrase for that look and reaction. I call it the "I ain`t atellin that feller where my hog honey hole is".
If you see a guy standing on the intersection of 276 and 751 where the guys stand with the cardboard signs asking for work and you see one with a sign saying "Can you spare me some pork". That will be me. You can go on down the road and write me an unsigned note pointing me in the right direction, turn around and throw it out on the way back through. Please just don`t wrap the note around a rock if you are a good shot.  ;D

Title: Re: Looking for a place to hog hunt.
Post by Gmoney on Aug 17th, 2009, 10:17am

Hey Captn, I was hoping for the same thing, I hear rumors of pork I even got a dinner invite where the rumored family of pigs where hiding out on his twenty+ acres but when I asked to go for a walk another drink was quickly put in my hand and another huge plate of food.. Funny! NOW the good news my neighbor is a good Ole boy and he loves to hunt and kill and eat.. His front room is an animal kingdom not only has he demanded I go with him to his deer lease but he has promised some quality dove hunting and a nice pig to fill my freezer. I will keep you in the loop, he tells me the pigs gather about a mile from the house they come down to get water.. I am giddy with anticapation. His son has offered to take me on a varmit night.. He has this noise system that puts out distress calls for different little animals. I think my Freezer may be full by years end.


Title: Re: Looking for a place to hog hunt.
Post by CptJack on Aug 20th, 2009, 9:57am

Sounds lie you have struck the motherload. :)
Nothing like wild hog meat slowed cooked in a smoker. Mmmmmmm Ummmmmm.

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