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I separate my personal and business profiles? (Read 3521 times)
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I separate my personal and business profiles?
Aug 12th, 2011, 6:28am
Many people seem concerned about two "lives" - their professional life and their personal one. Often, people look to business specific business profile of their personal identity, social networks. For example, some people use Facebook and LinkedIn for personal things one exclusively for business. The reason usually given for this: "I do not want my business contacts I find up everything about my private life".

Well guess what? They already. Even if you can keep the curtains closed between iron strictly for business and personal profiles online, you can not do things that other people control or say. Before the Internet to your business contacts know something about your personal life - no matter how hard you try to avoid them know. Do your children talk to their children at school, for example. Say something to your local retailer to repeat it to another visitor who happens to be one of your customers. They reveal something personal to the customer with a high level that a good relationship with you, and talk about someone else in a meeting of business networking. Is to think of being in control of what other people say about you but an illusion.

Online worse. It is true, you can separate your business from the staff members of LinkedIn vs. Facebook. But you may also friends on Facebook accounts on LinkedIn, where they can show what you say on Facebook. Also improved, can Tweet about it too much. 'It is just too easy these days for people to disclose what they know about you personally, without any real control you.

And even if only fragments reveal, it only takes five-second online search for someone to connect all the tid-bits of information into a coherent whole. In other words, but can prevent a lot of your personal information online exposure. Which begs the question, why waste your time and mental energy to try?

However, there is good reason why you should separate personal business. That is just that - focus. On Facebook, if you have your personal life in your profile and your business life business on your page to know your readers and visitors exactly what it is. Friends are not interrupted by commercial messages and business cards are not distracted by the jokes you hear at the pub last night.

Likewise, if you have a LinkedIn profile individual asset, your contacts on social networks know that the site - it's just you and your career. They are not forced to wade through the updates personally to find out what they want to know.

So it makes sense to separate personal from business - however, do not fool yourself into thinking that your business contacts know anything about your personal life, why they do it and you can find out easily if we do not know.

One more thing - your best to do business with people whom you have the best relationship. And the best relationships with people who know the true, good or bad. This suggests that the personal information in profiles of business to be really useful, rather than a barrier.

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