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Sailing on Lake Tawakoni (Read 6022 times)
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Sailing on Lake Tawakoni
Oct 26th, 2011, 11:34pm
I've never visited the lake before, but I'm wonderig if a small sailboat would do good there? From the looks of it, there's enoug surface area and it keeps a decent breeze. I have a small 16 ft open-hull o'day that I keep trailered. It can launch in as little as 18" of water, so a normal launch will do.  One with a pier close by helps. What is the average depth and are there many stumps?  Im from north Louisiana and would like to patronize the local hospitality one weekend and do a little sailing.
I didn't see any threads regarding sailing, but I wanted to get the locals' thoughts.  Thanks a ton and cheers!  
Doug H!
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Re: Sailing on Lake Tawakoni
Reply #1 - Oct 27th, 2011, 3:13pm
I know nothing.
But I can tell ya that sails have been hoisted here before!
(that's an annual event)
Looks like fun!!!
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