Lake Tawakoni Local Tales

This section of the site is dedicated to the areas stories. Doesn't matter if it is a local myths, tall tales, or legend, or if it is a true story of an interesting happening in the area. We are looking for your help on this one, good readers. So go forth to the elders of our Tawakoni clan and gather the stories they tell. Email them to us and we'll put them up here, for the world to see. We want to fill this front page and have to start archive pages for all the wonderful tales we know you'll be sending. So it's up to you. We have faith!

"The Buffalo Whisperer"
By Sherron Bridges

Whether you call him "The Buffalo Whisperer" or "The Buffalo Dancer" or "The Buffalo Tamer", RC Bridges is an amazing man. He has overcome many obstacles in his 58 years but nothing has been able to keep this cowboy down.  With his best friend Wildthing, RC has pioneered the way in training buffalos and showing us that this great animal is not just an ordinary beast.  You have to read the story about RC and Wildthing.

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Skidboot, the amazing dog.

David Hartwig and Skidboot have performed at rodeos across the country. In addition, they have appeared on national television on such programs as The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Late Show with David Letterman, Crook and Chase, Inside Edition, Pets are People Too and Texas Country Reporter. Skidboot has also appeared in the educational film For All Mankind.

Skidboot has been called the smartest dog ever!

Skidboot was kicked in the head by a horse.  He is blind in his left eye because of that.  They took him to the best doggie opthamologist in Texas.  Then found out he has something called Progressive Retinal Atrophy.  That is probably why he didn't see the horse when he stumbled into it.  PRA is not treatable, there is no cure.  But that doesn't stop Skidboot.  You have to see this amazing story.

Always in My Memories
A story by: Bryan Carter

From the time I was 4yrs old until I was 20, I was a resident of Sun Point. A small residential area known only by a few folks in this world. Most of those that do know about it, or have been there, have probably just accidentally happened upon it - or know someone who has - and heard them mentioning it briefly in conversation, or perhaps talking about the great spot at the end of Free Bridge Road where they discovered some of the finest striper fishing around.

I remember as a child, running around visiting with all the neighbors - or tormenting their cats with my once faithful companion, my cousin, Byron. One old neighbor, whose name I recall as Ed, would call us "pete and repeat." We were inseparable.

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Special thanks to Bryan and Sherron for their local stories. Now we need the rest of you to send in an fascinating story, tall tale, work of fiction, urban legend, anything of interest! Just think, you can tell people you're a published author!