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Welcome to Fishing Tips on One of the fishing page features here at Lake Tawakoni Online. Take a minute to look around and I'm sure you'll find something you can use. We have been scouring the net looking for the best fishing tips around. We need fisher-people to send us your best tips on how to catch the big ones, where to find them, what bait/lures to use, anything that might be useful to the fishing public out there. So e-mail us your tips.

Seasonal Fishing Tips

Fall Fishing - Article by Reed Montgomery.
Cold Water Fishing - Article by's Freshwater Fishing Guide Ronnie Garrison.
Winter Jigging Spoons - Great article on jigging spoons

Bass Fishing Tips

The Inside Line - Article by fisherman Jerry Puckett on how to find largemouth bass.
Bass Tournament Shortcuts - Article by Roger Lee Brown aka "The Bass Coach". After fishing some tournament without much success you ask yourself "What are these bass pros doing so differently than I am."
Bass Fishing - Tips from the newsgroups.

Catfish Tips

Articles about how, when, and where to get the big ones!
Flathead Catfish - Article by Katchaser on how to fish for flathead cats. Well done article.
Skinning Tip - Yankee Style Catfish Skinning By Linus F. Zimmerman
Blue Catfish - Article by fisherman Freddie Kriegler on how to fish for the Big Blues. Good read!

Lure Tips

Fishing a Jig and Pig - Article by's Freshwater Fishing Guide Ronnie Garrison.
Shallow Cranking the Docks - Article by Jim Pope.
Crankbait Making 101 - Article by Sebastian Perez Jr.
Deadly Lure-Leader Combo - Article By Soc Clay.

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Fishing Knots

The most basic basics. How to get the hook or lure to stay on the line! Click on these links to see how to tie the knots.

Uni-Knot - One basic knot which can be varied to meet virtually every knot tying need in either fresh or salt water fishing.
Palomar - The skinny seems to be that most fisher-people prefer this not to all others.
Kingsling - Use this knot for your lures. Allows for life like action
Trilene - A good knot with a good hold. Can be tricky to tie until you get the hang it.
Rapala - Knot from Rapala lures. Good general lure knot.
Berkley Braid - for use with braided line
Arbor Knot - Gotta keep the line on the spool!
Snell Knot - A strong connection knot
Swivel Knot - Use this know to attach a swivel or snap to double-line leader

If you think we left any good knots out, let us know, we'll be happy to put them up!

Live Bait & Bait Recipes's Bait Recipes - You want to take the time to do it yourself? Here's some great recipes from all over the world, for all types fish.
The Cultivation Earthworms - Good article by Charles Barnham on raising your own worms.

Plastic Worm Rigging

Worming Away - Without a doubt, the best article I've found about how to Carolina and Texas rig plastic worms. Matt Williams does a fantastic job explaining the rigs and the techniques.
Carolina Rigs - Tips from the newsgroups
3 Rigs You Should Know - Article by: "The Bass Coach" Roger Lee Brown

Fish - Other than Bass

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