Gene Snider's Fishing Tips

Article by: Gene Snider - Adventures on Lake Tawakoni

Jigging Spoons, Slabs, and Tail Spinners - Jigging spoon's, slab's and little George type bait's (tail spinner's) are not only great baits for stripers but also catch their far share of black bass. These baits work year round but are at their best during fall and winter fishing in deep water. One of my favorite way's to fish these bait's is by almost not fishing them at all.

Try this the next time your out and the fish are there but not hitting. Instead of the usual manner of jerking your bait off the bottom and letting it fall back try just barely lifting it off the bottom and setting it back down on the bottom slowly. Experiment lifting it at different heights and rate of fall until you find the one that the fish like.

Fishing in January - Most fishermen believe that January is a month you have to fish deep to catch fish. This is not necessarily the rule when fishing for Bass.

I believe that in January bass and bait fish alike start to move towards shallower water to feed and prepare for their pre-spawn move into the mouth and the backs of the coves. Look for windy main lake points and banks also small creek channels with 10-foot banks to fish during the middle of the day and concentrate on calm main lake banks and points the last few hours before sundown.

This bite will always be better the last hour or so before sundown. A good rule of thumb to go by is if you have been catching them deep and your best deep holes stops paying off, its time to head to shallower water. Remember these fish will be scattered this time of year, but you will find that on the average the size of these fish is well worth the effort.

Big Spring Bass - Spring is every fishermen's favorite time of year. One of the reason being is that you can get outside after a winter of cabin fever the other is that spring is when Bass do their spawning in the warm shallow water.

Most Bass fishermen prefer to fish in five foot of water or less this is always good for a few fish and a lot of fish at time's. There's always a few big fish (10lbs or more) caught off the bank's every year, But it's the fishermen that learns to fish the staging area's that catch most of the big fish.

The male bass will bring these big female's in to shallow water to spawn, but she doesn't stay long, your best area's to fish for these big female bass are in five to 10 feet of water. The next time your fishing the bank and catching nothing but small buck Bass. Take some time and pull off the bank to the first break line or shallow creek channel fish a little slower and you might find that fish of a lifetime.

Solunar Theory - Solunar charts, do they work? I believe in them. Are they to live and fish by? Not always, but like the old saying goes " the best time to go fishing is every chance you get." This is always my choice when it comes to fishing.

As for the charts, they do work and will work to your advantage if you keep track of the major and minor fishing times. At the same time, the moon does have some effect on all living things. The weather also plays a major role.

My theory is: I always wear a watch so when the bite picks up on a particular type of structure, I will check the time to keep track of when the bite started and make a note of what type of structure I was fishing. By doing this, I will know when to be on a particular spot or on a similar type of structure at the same time the next day.

Another good rule of thumb is if the Moon is full your major bite will be between 10:00am and 4:00pm. On a dark Moon you can expect your bite to be early and late. As I was saying earlier, use the solunar charts to help you predict when you should be on your best fishing hole. I like the old saying "go fishing whenever you can there's always a few fish biting."

February Fishing - Lipless crankbaits and spinnerbait's during February are popular on just about every Lake in Texas. Like most bass fishermen, I prefer to cast these baits with a medium action rod due to the ease of casting and if a fish is just sucking at the bait you seem to have more hookups.

Try this next time your working either of these baits with a slow retrieve and you can feel the fish nudging your bait every now and then but you can't seem to get a hookup try switching to a medium heavy action rod. The stiffer rod will let you feel your bait a little better and it will help detect your strikes faster and with the stiffer rod you get a better hook set if the fish are pushing the bait at you.