Plastic Worms, Tips from the Newsgroups

Every time I fish a c-rig I have problems w/ the line getting "frayed" up. Is there something I'm doing wrong. It always does this where the bead and the swivel meet.
Tip from Mu Young Lee You can use heavier line at that point or check your beads. Most plastic beads are rough and many have sharp edges. The best glass beads are found in arts and craft stores. They are more expensive than plastic but typically very smooth near the hole. You can also get iridescent beads that seem to change color depending on the angle you view them. Some have holes that are lined with reflective material (silver?) for another interesting visual effect. Glass beads found in fishing stores are overpriced. Good luck with your c-rigs.

Mu Young Lee
Ann Arbor, MI USA

Tip from MoBassfisherman

Try using a glass bead with a larger diameter hole. When I buy my glass beads, the first thing I do is bring out my Dremel tool and using a cone shaped bit, I enlarge the entrance of the hole by about 4 times. This has really helped me out on my line problems.

Keep a tight line,
Missouri Bass Fisherman