Jigging Spoons in the Wintertime

Winter is here, and it’s time to bring out the jigging spoons.

Because fish swim in large schools, and often suspend in deep water in the winter months; they are extremely easy to locate with a depth finder. Be sure to check out deep bays and channels. Often fish will return to the same locations year after year, and remain in one place for several weeks or longer.

You can easily place the jigging spoons in deep water  - down where the fish are and keep it there. Once you locate fish with your depth finder you can actually watch both the fish and your spoon.  It is quite a sight watching the fish rise up to your spoon.

The best way to fish with jigging spoons is straight down  and  directly under the boat. You can  count down your jigging spoon as it falls, or let it fall to the bottom then reel it back up to the depth you wish to fish.

Many anglers like to jerk their rods hard so the jigging spoon jumps three - six feet.   Personally I prefer a more subtle approach. I work the spoon with little snaps my wrists so the lure doesn’t jump too far upward.   After a snap my wrist, to make the spoon jump, I lower my rod tip, creating a slack line,  so the lure can fall naturally.

By doing this the spoon imitates a tasty injured and or dying minnow. I will not, however, work if the jigging spoon falls on a tight line.

When jigging spoons drop on a slack line, they don’t just drop straight down. They roll on their sides, or slide off in one direction or another. They will not do the same thing  twice as you are jigging them. That is what makes them so productive.

Water depth will determine the weight the spoon you should use,  ½ to 3/4 ounce sizes are the most popular and perform well in  most circumstances.

Furthermore, do not  hesitate to drop your spoon into underwater brush or tree tops. If you stop your upward jigging and give the jigging spoon slack line as soon as you feel it hit brush, the weight the spoon will often free itself.

Mistaking a strike for a bush, is unlikely. When fish hit, they usually hit  hard.

Jigging spoons used during the winter months insure you catching several fish. When you catch one there are so many more just waiting for your spoon to drop.

Here's wishing you a bountiful catch using jigging spoons throughout the cold winter months.