Web Marketing at LakeTawakoni.com

Through our experience with LakeTawakoni.com and our ongoing effort to market this site and get it onto all of the major search engines we have become somewhat experts at web marketing and search engine placement. We also have the knowledge to track your visitors, where they come from, how long they spend on your site and much, much more. We are now offering our services to the business community in the Lake Tawakoni area to help you market and achieve success with your website. Below you will find the packages and prices that will allow you to reap the rewards of the world wide web.

Monthly Site Statistics

So, you have a website, but what do you know about your visitors? Do you know where they come from? Do you know how long they stay on your site? Do you know what pages on your site are winners and what pages aren't getting seen at all? We can help you with all of this.

We will run a log file analysis on your site once a month and give you full reports that include:
  • Summery Statistics - hits, page views, and visitor totals by month, day, and total log file length (this could be site lifetime depending on your server)
  • Site Activity - Daily page activity, as well as site activity by day of week, hour of day, day of month. Also stats on number of page views per visit and time spent on site per visit.
  • Site Clients - stats on who is coming to your site and where they are from.
  • File and Page Activity - what files and pages are seen most and least. Also information on what directories are most accessed, what pages are people coming into your site on, what pages people leave on, single accessed pages, and how many times your site is book marked.
  • Browsers and Computers - Tells you what browsers and operating systems your visitors are using so you can better design your site to your users needs.
  • Referrers - tells you where your visitors are coming to your site from. Also lets you know what they searched for if they found you on a search engine.

You get all of this information for only $300.00 a year prepaid or $30.00 a month. If you are serious about your website you must have this information.

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Web Marketing via Search Engines

We work daily here at Lake Tawakoni Online to make sure that we have good search engine rankings and placement. It is a daunting, on going task to be sure. We now offer our services in web marketing and search engine placement to you, the businesses of the Lake Tawakoni area. We are not just talking about search engine submittal here, but rather we are talking about tweaking your sites pages, maybe adding some pages, working on your keywords, page titles, and other meta-tags to make sure your site ranks as high as it can on the major search engines on the web.

We have made a major investment in time and software to allow Lake Tawakoni Online to be marketed, and now that we have seen the results we feel confident that we can do the same for your site. This is not an overnight task as most search engines don't post new site submittals for 6 to 8 weeks. So we do ask for a 6 month commitment on our Web marketing programs. However, we do guarantee results. If we can not show that you have search results on the first page of returns from at least 5 of the major search engines we will refund all of the money that you have paid for our service. We will also provide you with monthly reports that show your websites results rankings on the major search engines so you can view your progress.

We offer two packages for web marketing:

  • Major Search Engines without Directories - We get you listed on the top 12 search engines on the net with first or second response page placement. Your six month commitment for this service is $600.00 pre-paid. This includes a $200 dollar initial payment and $400 for six months service. You can also pay the $200 initial payment and then pay $100.00/month.
  • Major Search Engines with Directories - Same as above except you also get your site submitted to the major web directories such as Yahoo, Looksmart, etc. As these directories now all charge for submitting listings to them the price for this service is $500.00 (must be paid up front and is non-refundable) in addition to the above. This covers the Directories prices for submitting to them. We can not guarantee directory placement as they are very finicky and have no set rules as to how they place or locate businesses within their directory.

NOTE:  If your site is hosted on the LakeTawakoni.com site (www.laketawakoni.com/yoursite/) you will be receiving our marketing efforts for free as we market our site! As an added bonus, if we build your site, you get our meta-tag and page name expertise for free as well! So email us if you are interested in talking more about what we can do for your website. Or, if you prefer, just fill out the form below and we will get right back to you!

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