Explorer Gas Spill Editorial

Editorial By: Doyle Martin
Former Webmaster, Lake Tawakoni Online

Email those who Matter

I have been doing quite a lot of research the last few weeks concerning MTBE, environmental clean up of MTBE and the possible health effects of this chemical in our water supply. I have come to a number of conclusions that I wanted to share with all of you.

First and foremost, we can not afford to let this situation fade away until we can be sure that it is completely taken care of. There are ways to clean up this chemical, effective ways, but it is not an overnight proposition. It will take time, and all of us in the Lake Tawakoni area need to make it our business to make sure that clean up measures are being taken and are continuing until the contamination has been cleansed from our waters.

Although I can find no need for panic over the spill, I find a great need for concern. This chemical is a proven carcinogen and all of us have been exposed. Now at the current levels of exposure, we shouldn't see any adverse effects, but as I said above, we all have to stay on the bad wagon to make sure that the EPA, the SRA, and our senators and representatives all know that we are concerned and that we will continue to pursue this until it is resolved.

To this end I am launching an email campaign. Please help your community and send an email stating your concern over the situation. I have set up a link on the primary gas spill page that will allow you to send your email to all of the agencies and senators and representatives who need to hear our voices. Please, be heard and maybe we can all be better for it.

Email from here:

Send your comments to those who count.

This will let you email your concerns to the following list of recipients:
Region 6 of the EPA
SRA Environmental Services
Our US Senators and District Congressional Representatives
Texas Senator David Cain
The Texas Natural Resource Commission
and the American Petroleum Institute.

Let them all know that you are concerned, that as a community we are not going to let this problem just fade away. Make sure to tell everyone you know to join this email campaign so that these people and government bodies will take us seriously. Thank you all for your support. If we stick together we can make a difference.