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SRA-News - News, events and information from the Sabine River Authority.
Quinlan / Tawakoni - Link to the newspaper covering Quinlan and Lake Tawakoni.
The Wills Point Chronicle - Link to the newspaper covering Wills Point.
The Canton Herald - News from Canton, and Van Zandt County.
The Van Zandt News - News from Van Zandt County.
The Greenville Herald Banner - News from The Hunt County Seat.

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CNN News
Oakland fire: 24 bodies found; 80% of building still to be searched
Shocking images show fire's destruction
Jill Stein's new plan for Pennsylvania recount
'SNL' mocks Trump's Twitter use
Conway: Trump now considering more than four for secretary of state
Fidel Castro laid to rest in private funeral
President-elect bashes 'SNL' on Twitter after sketch
Conway pressed on Trump's Twitter use
13 hottest tech gifts under $100
Austria election: Far-right nationalist Hofer concedes defeat
Syrian war: CNN goes inside Aleppo under airstrikes
Driver live-streams 104 mph crash
Kellyanne Conway: Tougher race if Sanders was VP pick
Mook: Obama did not ask Clinton to concede
Robby Mook: 'Deplorables' comment hurt Clinton
Trump doubles down on tax for firms that ship jobs out of US
Ryan: Trump will be 'unconventional president'
Three Trump calls spook Washington
Country star smacks fan during show
The year in pictures
Pence: Trump's Taiwan talks were 'a courtesy call'
Petraeus: 'Five years ago, I made a serious mistake'
Opinion: 10 minutes that could change US-China history
20,000 people stranded at airport over smog
ESPN host slams NFL star for not voting
Republicans angling for posh ambassadorships, RNC chair
Throngs drawn to Fidel Castro memorial
Opinion: Was Castro a David or Goliath?
Finland shooting: 2 journalists, city councilwoman killed
Italians cast ballots in historic referendum vote
'Daily Show' host has fiery debate with guest
Trump invites Philippines' Duterte to US
Russia says it killed ISIS-linked cell leader
VA patients possibly exposed to HIV, hepatitis
Mom: Daughter cooked to death in sweat lodge
South Korean President gets ultimatum
Bergen: 'Mad Dog' Mattis, in his own words
A chilling PSA, courtesy of Sandy Hook families
Young ISIS recruit: I was blinded by love
Do these satirical children's book covers go too far?
USC prof stabbed to death; student held
Penn Jillette: Why we burned the flag for freedom
Fidel's Cuba: 'Under Batista, we were worse off'
Trump reportedly praises Pakistan's PM as 'terrific'
Sarah Palin calls Carrier deal 'crony capitalism'
Campaign manager: Trump benefited from Russia 'intervening'
Dems want Russian hacking intelligence declassified
Obama's gift to Trump
Trump didn't save as many Carrier jobs as he claimed
Trump and Clinton aides discuss fake news
So this Muslim comedian sits next to Eric Trump...
Pipeline CEO has a music festival -- and a problem
Christmas classic gets an upgrade
Watch Houdini the dog outsmart humans
Sutter: The good news about climate change
Austria: Presidential rerun could see far-right nationalist win
China mine explosion: 17 reportedly killed
Chapecoense's fallen heroes return home to Brazil
China lodges complaint over Trump-Taiwan call
Trump wants retired general to lead Pentagon
What does Trump's call with Taiwan's president mean?
Insults fly between Trump, Clinton aides
Trump supporters' claim stuns CNN anchor
Victims angry at sweat lodge guru's attempted comeback
Pirates arrrrrrrre going to reshape Iceland
Hipster hatemongers: The trendy face of Austria's far-right
Man released in shooting death of ex-NFL player
Walmart settles same-sex suit for $7.5M
Flight crews: Uniforms make us sick, literally
Trump's education pick blamed in her home state