The Texas Parks & Wildlife Department Response to Gas Spill Question

Question: I love Lake Tawakoni like a second home. Is it safe or open to boat on? What can I to help clean up the fuel spill?

Answer: Thank you for your inquiry about Lake Tawakoni.

I can not directly help you with an answer concerning health issues associated with boating on Lake Tawakoni. Our legislated responsibility is limited to determining the effects of a specific contaminant on the health and wellbeing of public fish and wildlife resources, not human health. I am not being evasive. No one on staff at TPWD has the training or authority to officially answer your specific question.

State staff responsible for answering questions concerning human health are at the Texas Department of Health, TDH. You may contact your County Health Officer or Mr. Doug McBride in the Public Information Office of TDH in Austin. Mr. McBride's office number is (512) 458-7400. TDH takes their legislated responsibility very seriously. They have not issued any health advisory about boating that I am aware of at this time. Please call them for the most current information.

Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission, TNRCC, is responsible for administering the cleanup in the water body. Mr. Jim Kerlin at the Arlington Regional office of TNRCC has been the point of contact for this event. I invite you to contact Mr. Kerlin concerning questions about the cleanup. His office number is (817) 469-6750.

I hope this helps you. Thank you.