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Lake Tawakoni Online Newsletter archives

Lake Tawakoni Online Newsletter Message

Lake Tawakoni Online

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Hello all!

We apologize that it has been such a long time since anyone has used this mailing list, but it is now active again along with quite a few very recent site improvements.

Lake Tawakoni Online is up and running again. We are working hard on the site, updating the old content and adding new content. In addition, we hope to start sending out the newsletter again on a bimonthly (or so) basis.

Please take a minute and check out the new improvements on the site! We have a great, new self-hosted message board ( for everyone to use, a brand new classifieds section ( that I believe rivals anything else on the net, a new feature in the fishing section (Solunar Tables, and a new section on hunting (!

We are in need of articles for all our feature sections and pictures of the lake area. If you have a tip, information or expertise you can share with us, please email it to us and we'll get it up on the site. Any pictures you have would be greatly appreciated.

Also, we have added the "Catch of the Month" to our fishing pages. If you have a snapshot of your latest big catch send it to us. If you don't have it in electronic form, we will scan it for you and send it back (we will treat your picture with kit gloves and return it in the best of condition).

So, please come and check us out, again or for the first time. We would love to see you (and hear from you) at

Thank you for your time. I hope to be writing you again soon.


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