Buyers Remorse

Have you ever bought something and then worried about whether or not you should have done it? This is really a common experience and is known as buyer's remorse. Even though it is not unusual, it causes distress when it occurs. Here are some typical symptoms of buyer's remorse:


After all the negotiating is done, the buyer begins to wonder if he or she could have gotten the property for less. This is often aggravated by a well meaning friend or relative who thinks you paid too much when compared to what he or she paid for their home. Remember, every piece of real estate is unique and cannot be compared on an apple-for-apple basis with any other property.


Sometimes people get so wrapped up emotionally in buying a home that they need to come down from the euphoria of getting their dream home. Two or three days after the purchase, buyers may begin to question various aspects of the transaction including timing. "Did I act in haste?" "Should I have thought it over longer?" It is not unusual to feel you moved too fast. At a time like this, rely on your instincts. You bought because you felt it was the right thing to do.


After the purchase, a buyer often begins to think about the shortcomings of the property. Perhaps the master bedroom is not quite as large as originally desired. Or, more decorating may be required. If you find yourself having these feelings, it is essential that you recognize that there is no such thing as a perfect house. You bought this property because of its strengths and you will have to , as in all purchases, accommodate yourself to its shortcomings. Every home has them.

ADVICE: Buyer's remorse is normal and usually occurs in some form. The best way to feel good about a real estate purchase is to use the services of a professional who can provide all the information and assistance you need to make an informed decision. The best professional is a REALTOR®.

Gena Upchurch
CENTURY 21 Upchurch Real Estate

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