Stay Within Your Price Range

Don’t set yourself up for embarrassment or disappointment by looking at homes that you can’t afford to buy. You may feel that my advice is just a matter of common sense and really doesn’t need to be said. The sad reality is, however, that many people begin looking at homes that are not within their reach. Some even go so far as to make an offer on a house, only to find out later that the mortgage lender cannot justify loaning them all the money they will need to make the purchase. This is, of course, embarrassing because the sellers, who took their home off the market, now know that the buyer is not capable of completing the sale.

Another danger of looking at homes above your price range is the emotional letdown that you experience when you finally return to your proper price range and discover that these homes cannot possibly comparer with those that are more expensive.


In order to avoid this embarrassment and disappointment, the first step is to visit a mortgage lender who can tell you what you can afford before you begin house hunting. You will receive vital information such as the amount of down payment required, total closing costs, and expected monthly payment.


The second step is to visit with your REALTOR® to arrange for the inspection of homes that are on the market. Be sure to share the information you received from the mortgage lender with your REALTOR®. This will enable the REALTOR® to know your limitations and act accordingly.

These two steps will enable you to spend your time looking at homes that are definitely within your price range. House hunting is much more enjoyable when you know that you are financially qualified to purchase every home you see. Once the right home comes along, you can make an offer with the assurance that you will be able to complete the sale.

ADVISE: House hunting can be a positive experience if you go about it in the proper manner as outlined above. Find out what you can afford at the outset.

Gena Upchurch
CENTURY 21 Upchurch Real Estate

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