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You will find that we offer some of the best website design and hosting pricing available on the web today. Look it over, and by all means, get in touch with us to get your web page, site, or hosting package started with

  1. The $100 web page
    We will design you or your business a web page for only $100. If you need pictures scanned for your page we will do the scanning for only $5 per picture. If you have a premium sponsor ad on the site you will not incur hosting charges for as long as your ad (s) is/are running. If you do not have a premium sponsor ad on the site then hosting will cost $105/year. Custom graphics design is available through this service. One custom logo/header is free, all other custom graphics (buttons, pictures, etc.) will incur a $70.00/hr graphics design fee.

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  3. Web site hosting
    You want to do all the work yourself (or you've already done all the work yourself), but you want a great web address where people will find your site? Then let us do your web hosting for you! You won't find a better deal. With no set up costs and hosting is $105/year. No irritating banner ads that you have no control over, and no limits to what you can do!

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  5. The Affordable Website
    We would be proud to design your website for you. You will have full input and content control over your website with the ability to view the work in progress online at any time. The cost is simple and straight forward, $200 for the first page and $75 for each additional webpage. The cost for hosting the site is $105/year and we will maintain the site with updates as often as you like at a cost of $25/update session. As with our other packages, custom graphics, cgi and Java programming and other specialty work will be charged over and above the HTML programming at $70.00/hr. We are aware that you have a budget, so your best bet is to tell us what you have to spend and what you would like to see then we can design you a site that fits your budget!

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  7. E-Commerce Ready Website
    You want to sell your products or services on the web?  We will tie you into our secure online server and process all the orders for you, as well as design and program your site complete with shopping cart! This is the most affordable E-commerce package you will find anywhere on the net. For just $350 + $75/page you get to have your own online store with your products! The $25 set up fee is waived. The cost for hosting the site is $105/year and we will maintain the site with updates as often as you like at a cost of $25/update session. As with all of our other offerings, custom graphics work and custom Java/Flash/php/cgi programming will be billed at $70/hr. We will scan your product photos for $5/photo when you order this package.

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  9. Domain Name & Hosting
    Any of the above packages can be obtained from us with the additional costs of $25 for 2 years of domain name registration and monthly server space cost increase to $120/year. We handle all the paperwork and keep up with your site for you.  We can also provide monthly log file analysis for $25/month and web marketing to all major search engines for a yearly fee of $500. This includes daily automatic submittal of your site to all major search engines for a year as well as meta tag optimization of all your sites pages.  If you wish to ad directory services (i.e. Yahoo, Looksmart, etc.) to your web marketing package the cost raises to $800/year as many of the directories now require fees to list your site.

So, if you think you might be interested in one of these packages or you would just like some more information from us on your options, please fill out the form and we will be happy to give you all the information we can to make your choice the right one for your business.

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