Become a Sponsor of Lake Tawakoni Online is an site created to serve the community in and about the Lake Tawakoni area and provide the business of the area a place to affordably advertise to not only the surrounding community, but to the millions of World Wide Web users around the globe. The articles on this page attempt to answer your questions and provide links for you to find out more about advertising on the website.

Website vs. Print & Yellow Pages

First, think of advertising on the web just as you would about advertising in print. Like a newspaper, magazine or the yellow pages, the more eye catching and bigger an ad is the more effective it tends to be. That is however, where the similarity ends.

Below you will find a list of why the web is a better dollar per dollar advertising expenditure than traditional media.

Cost Comparison - for yearly basic ads:

  • Local Newspaper - over $1500 for 2"x2", 52 papers
  • Yellow Pages - over $1100 for 2" Inline
  • Local Magazine - over $1600 for 2"x2", 4 issues
  • Lake Tawakoni Online - $125 for graphic, banner, and links, 24x7x365

Circulation and Potential Ads Viewed - The web is used by more people than any one of the traditional media can claim, thus there is far more potential for your ad to be seen.

Targeted Markets - By advertising on this web site, your ad or ads will be seen by people who are already interested in the area. Not someone just flipping through a magazine at the doctors office, or thumbing through a paper, but people who want to know about the area and what is there. In short, you reach more potential customers than with traditional media.

Cost Effective - You get seen by more potential customers, more often than with traditional media. Also, if you sign up for rotating banner advertising, you pay for a number of exposures, not a flat fee. This means that you pay only for how many times your ad is downloaded to some ones computer. Billing this way also makes it easy on you, because we will always keep you up to date on how many average exposures our banners are receiving each month.

We could go on to talk about the ever expanding number of people getting on the web and using it for shopping, planning trips, real estate, but we are all so beaten up by it every day we won't. So, as you can see, dollar for dollar, customer for customer, web advertising is the way to go.

If you are a merchant, or service provider in the Lake Tawakoni area, or if you want to advertise to the many fisher-people, vacationers, campers, home buyers, and others who visit this site, check out the information on these pages and come one, come all, be seen.

Our Ad Packages

Free Directory Listing - includes business name, address and 2 phone numbers in only 1 category.

Enhanced Directory Listing - Enhance your Directory Listing with a business graphic or your business name in larger bolded font, 1 line slogan, 2 phone numbers, 1000 impression on a rotation banner, your email link and a link to your website.

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Premium Sponsor Package - Your choice of level 1 or 2 sponsorship.  Includes additional phone numbers, listings in multiple categories, a large column ad with your own title graphic and up too a 200 word description of your business, services, and/or location and lots more.

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Banner Ads - A banner add goes at the top or bottom of a page to provide you with ad exposure. It provides potential customers an eye catching graphic ad and serves as a link to your ad page or website. You can choose to position yourself at the top or bottom of the front page, or top level category, or you can have your banner submitted into our banner rotation where you only pay when your banner is seen.

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Web Pages - Web Sites - Web Hosting - Do you need a web page? Need a web site? You want to get rid of all the silly ads your free domain host puts on your site? We offer these services at reduced prices for businesses in the Lake Tawakoni area. Check us out!

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Web Marketing - Let us help you analyze your log files so you know who your visitors are and where they are coming from. Or we can work with you to get your site the best search engine rankings possible and drive even more traffic to your site.

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